Middletown Siding, Vinyl Siding and Vinyl Window Installation
Middletown Siding, Vinyl Siding and Vinyl Window Installation
Middletown Siding, Vinyl Siding and Vinyl Window Installation
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Types of Siding and Trim Accessories

Vinyl Siding

The quality of vinyl siding has drastically increased over the decade with many new styles, colors, and variations to meet your remodeling needs. With many different thicknesses, contours and insulated siding panels there is something for everyone when factoring in budget, curb appeal, and upkeep. When we complete a full vinyl siding remodel there is nothing left of the exterior to rot, paint, fade, or maintain. This is why this "lower end" product on the price spectrum is so popular in Middletown areas. Our custom window and door trim, shutters and decorative accessories help add variety to endless possibilities.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding dramatically enhances the look of your home with the most authentic wood grains and textures on the market. It's available in a stunning array of colors and optional shapes that make a real statement about your style. Your Middletown home deserves the great looks and long-lasting durability of the finest fiber cement siding available.

Enjoy the lasting features and handsome appearance of wood without all the upkeep with the following fiber cement siding products offered to you by Top Notch Siding. Fiber cement siding offers the appearance of traditional wood-based siding materials with much lower maintenance requirements, while maintaining its shape and color much better than vinyl siding. About 12 % to 15 % of all new homes are now clad with fiber cement siding.

What is fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding is produced from a mixture of cement, sand, and cellulosic fibers. Manufacturing of fiber cement siding utilizes autoclaving, a high temperature steam curing process, to increase strength and dimensional stability. The cellulosic fibers are added to the mixture to prevent cracking. Fiber cement siding is manufactured in layers, forming a sheet of the desired thickness. A wood grain is imprinted onto the surface at the time the uncured product is lifted by an accumulator roll and cut into individual sections, or in a separate high pressure molding process immediately after the product is cut.

Several design options, and a full palette of colors, are available with fiber cement siding. One option is horizontal lap siding, which includes profiles such as: Dutch, beaded, and traditional. You may want to incorporate architectural elements, adding personality to your Middletown home. Shaped fiber cement siding is available as shingles, half rounds, octagons, and random squares (with either a straight or staggered edge). Vertical siding options include a traditional stucco appearance, smooth or cedar (either without vertical grooves or with regular interval grooves.) Fiber cement soffits are also available in smooth and cedar textures, both of which can be vented. Matching low maintenance composite trim materials can complete the architectural design you are searching for, for your Middletown home .

What are the advantages of fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding provides a traditional wood grain appearance without the drawbacks associated with wood. It's available in a variety of textures, profiles, and colors so the people of Middletown are sure t find something to match their design requirements. Fiber cement manufacturers offer complete systems for siding, decorative shapes, soffit and trim applications. This remarkable product is manufactured under rigorous factory specifications and guidelines, providing consistent quality and excellent dimensional stability. It doesn't warp, buckle, or fade-traits associated with vinyl siding products-and holds a Class 1 (A) Fire Rating. Fiber cement siding will not rot, is capable of withstanding damaging effects of salt spray and ultraviolet rays, and cannot be penetrated by birds or insects. Once installed, the product stands up to bumps and direct impacts, unlike aluminum siding, and doesn't become brittle in freezing conditions or melt in the presence of heat sources, like barbeque grills, as does vinyl siding. Fiber cement products can be used in historic preservation areas where other cladding materials are forbidden. Fiber cement siding holds paint well, with some products warranted to hold paint for up to twenty-five years. Transferable product warranties can last as long as fifty years depending on the degree of "pre-finish" applied in the factory. To protect your Middletown home there are few products which match fiber cement siding.

Fiber Cement is also available in shingle style as well as vertical and horizontal panel style.

Vinyl Cedar Impressions (shakes)

Vinyl Cedar Impressions captures the authentic look of semi-transparent stained cedar by emphasizing rugged textures and using light and shadow to highlight subtle variations in color. This beautiful line of vinyl siding options was inspired by nature and can transform te appearance of your Middletown home.

Molded from real cedar shingles, Cedar Impressions offers natural looking vinyl cedar shingle siding without the expense and heavy maintenance of wood!

It will add the rugged charm and natural beauty of cedar shingles to any home, whether it's whole-house siding or a distinctive accent.

The look of Vinyl Cedar Impressions is extremely similar to traditional wood Cedar shakes (shingles), but the panels are thicker and extra rigid for an even more rustic look. Vinyl Cedar Impressions will keep its natural look for ever without rotting, cracking or splitting like real wood can!

Cedar Shakes Cedar Siding

Wood siding requires more maintenance than other siding solutions. However, it is still one of the most preferred siding choices in the Middletown area due to the beauty of natural wood.

Cedar shakes are a popular building material that gives siding a rustic, natural look. Traditionally cedar shakes were hand split, and as a result each shingle was unique in size and thickness. Today cedar shakes are mostly manufactured by machine, but variation is programmed in to create the illusion of a hand-crafted shake shingle. Treating cedar shakes is important to maintain the color and preserve the integrity of the cedar wood. Penetrating oil-based wood stain is recommended for treating shakes. The shakes should be washed and brightened prior to stain application.

Cedar Clapboard

Cedar siding homes have some definite advantages, some of which are a beautiful exterior, better protection, increased value and better protection from the elements. Cedar is an excellent building material, with many natural properties that make it durable and resistant to problems.

Long Lasting

Compared to other types of wood, cedar has excellent resistance to rot, bacteria, fungi and mildew. This makes it a much tougher wood as it is less prone to problems. All it requires is a cleaning about twice a year and regular inspection for termites and moisture accumulation. If you provide proper care, the cedar siding of your Middletown property will last for many decades. It is a low maintenance siding unlike other types of wood.

Variety of Finishes and Types

Cedar siding can be used in its natural untreated form for a rustic, original look. It will gradually age and whiten over the years, but will not last as long as treated wood. For those who prefer the natural look of cedar, a good option is to apply a clear finish. You also have the choice to paint or finish your cedar siding. In such cases, you will have to refinish or repaint the cedar once every 4 or 5 years to maintain its look and beauty. Cedar siding is also available in a wide variety of patterns such as bevel, tongue and groove, board and batten and rough cut, among others. Cedar is also available in red or white, but also gives you the benefit of any custom color and the ability to change colors and transform your Middletown home over the years.

Warm Appeal

Few exteriors have the same warmth, beauty and natural appeal of cedar siding. Most homeowners prefer this type of siding because it is very attractive and blends in perfectly with most backgrounds. Cedar has been used in buildings for ages and it is therefore regarded as the traditional siding material of choice. Cedar has a unique grain pattern that gives it a beautiful look and also makes it much more resilient; adding protection to the properties of Middletown.

Durable and Tough

Cedar sidings are tough and resistant to problems such as splitting, swelling and bending. It is naturally resistant to rot and moisture problems. However, like all other wood material, it is best to protect your cedar siding with a protective layer of finish so that it can last longer and look great. No wood is completely insusceptible to termites, humidity and rot. However, cedar is probably the most impervious to all these problems, and does not cup or warp easily.

Environmentally Friendly

Most of us would think that using wood siding is not an environmentally friendly decision. However, cedar wood is an exception because it requires minimal processing and treatment. Once it completes its lifetime of use, it is completely biodegradable. It is a renewable commodity that can last much longer than its other wooden counterparts such as pine.

Superior Insulation

Cedar siding is an excellent insulator, and can help you save considerable energy throughout the year on your Middletown utility bill. It prevents the loss of warm air during the winter and keeps in cool air during the summer. It protects the structure of your home from excessive heat, water and dryness, thereby reducing chances of problems with the internal structure.

Window Trim

AZEK© Trim, with the AZEK Edge has precise sealed edges on all 4 sides, is ideal for window and door trim on the exterior of your Middletown house. Long known for the unequaled combination of Uniformity, Durability, Workability, and Beauty, AZEK Trim has the proven performance and confidence of to give your home the maximum beauty you deserve.

AZEK Trim products, available in trim, Solid Cellular PVC sheets, PVC corner boards, and PVC beadboard, offer many reasons to choose AZEK Trim for your next Middletown exterior door or window trim project. Using traditional tools and fasteners, AZEK Trim products can be worked just like wood - even mitered, routed, and turned on a lathe. For custom applications, AZEK Trim products can be laminated and even heat formed to create curves.

  • Impervious to moisture and insects
  • Perfect for ground contact application
  • 25 year warranty
  • Precise sealed edges on all four sides (S4S)
  • Tightest board tolerance in the industry
  • Easier to clean
  • Maintains a "like new" appearance in all types of weather
  • Does not require paint for protection
  • Can be heat formed for unique shapes and designs
  • Building Code listing ESR-1074

AZEK Traditional Trim features a smooth, semi-matte finish on both sides, allowing the versatility to use either side of the trimboard as the finished side of the trim application. Square edges on all sides, the AZEK Traditional Trim is the perfect trim product for all non-structural, non-load bearing trim applications such as; window/door surrounds, fascia, soffit and other trim applications traditionally created using wood. The AZEK Traditional Trim can be heat formed to create curved or radius trim requirements. So, regardless of the shape of your Middletown home, it is the right product for the job. AZEK Traditional Trim is available in board, cornerboard and sheet dimensions.

Aluminum Trim:
Available in a wide selection of colors to custom accent your home.

Wood Trim:
We offer many types of exterior wood to trim all your windows and doors.

Hardy Trim

Our fiber cement trim adds the finishing touches to a beautiful, lasting James Hardie homes, and are all engineered for climate, so you get the right siding for your Middletown home no matter how harsh the weather is where you live. HardieTrim© boards provide unmatched durability and allow you to create a variety of design possibilities for trim, gables, corners, fascia, windows, doors, column wraps, rakes, friezes, decorative trim and other non-structural architectural elements. HardieTrim boards come with a 15-year transferable, limited warranty.

Repair Services

Here at Top Notch Siding no job is too small, since our emphasis is building long term relationships with our Middletown customers. If you need your gutters cleaned, a few missing shingles replaced or are in need of new flashings, our company has a full service repair division to serve your needs.

The key to a good repair division is having experienced estimators who can troubleshoot and find the right solution to your problem. Most of our customers build relationships with their estimators and will request to work with them on future projects. We are here at your service!